Check largest selling two-wheeler in India

 Hero, Honda, Splendor, Activa, two-wheeler, sale figures
New Delhi :

The time has gone when Hero used to be the company having ace figures in selling two wheelers in India. With powerful auto-gear scooter Activa, Honda has gripped the purple batch to officially become the biggest two wheeler seller in last 6 months.

This has happened for the first time in last 17 years when Hero has been defeated on count of figure sales.

Within time duration of last 6 months, Honda has sold nothing less than 13, 38, 015 units of their scooter Activa, while Hero managed to take their sale off to 12,33,725 units.

Well, these are just six months figures and Splendor can definitely jump back and reclaim the spot by the end of year.

The launch of the Hero Splendor iSmart 110 is the perfect catalyst to send Hero to winning ways.

Published On : Jul 22, 2016 07:10 AM