Zika virus effect: ‘TaTa’ Zica, hello Tiago

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New Delhi :
  • Zika virus is not just hampering humans with its ill effects; even the upcoming hatchback from Tata Motor faced the heat of it. 

  • The company has said TaTa (way to see off in India) to the old name of their upcoming hatchback Zica, and have replaced it with the trendy Tiago.

  • The company said it had announced the intent to rename the car "as the right and responsible action following the hardships caused by the virus outbreak across many countries."

  • The car is expected to be launched in market by March end this year.

  • "We are delighted with the response and support we have received from our well-wishers across the globe through the Fantastico Name Hunt campaign. We are proud to announce the new name - TIAGO for our next new hatchback," Tata Motors said in a statement.

  • The name of the car has been decided with a hunt done both outside and inside India.

  • More than 37,000 car enthusiasts stepped forward with their suggestions.

  • "Tiago became the chosen name from the final three entries Tiago, Civet and Adore that were opened up for the audience voting," the company said.

Published On : Jan 01, 1970 05:30 AM