The ‘Secret’ Life of Pets- ‘not anymore’!

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Los Angeles :

Ever wondered what your pet is trying to tell you through his bark, meow or chirp. The secret is finally out in the year’s cutest cartoon movie by Minions team.

The latest picture from the Despicable Me director Chris Renaud brings together a tale of a small terrier Max, his oversized, hirsute roommate Duke and a despotic rabbit (Snowball as Kevin Hart) who has a severe grudge against humanity.

What starts as an adorable family routine of two- Max (voiced by Louis C.K.) and its loving owner turns into a war between Max with Duke (voiced by Eric Stonestreet).

The Secret Life of Pets (TSLP) is a journey of silliness, some funny moments, laughter and unbreakable bond of Max and Duke. The two dogs are also accompanied by a host of friends Gidget (Jenny Slate), Albert Brooks’ hawk Tiberius who mounts a rescue operation to save their friends.

I was charmed because of the captivating animation, 3D  scenes, amazing chemistry of pets and funny one-liners which put my complete family on a laughter roller-coaster ride.

Why must watch?

The party streak of pets once their owners are out working or shopping; made me wonder- does my pet do the same?

Many 3 D scenes which will bring the real out of reel and make you edgy .

Two soundtracks (Beastie Boys’ No Sleep Till Brooklyn and Bill Withers’ Lovely Day) that have probably never shared a playlist till date.

Can it be missed?

Only if you have anything else to do with your kids this weekend….

The Secret Life of Pets opens on June 30 in US and July 8 in India.

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Published On : Jul 05, 2016 08:39 AM